Ladies 10K group- various days and times

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About this run

This is a ladies easy paced social group run. This means that you can have a good chat along the way. We run as a group - but if you are a faster runner there will be plenty to keep you interested. There will be a warm up before the run and cool down at the end of the session which will be led by an experienced professional. This run is suitable for anyone who can run continuously for 45 mins and who can already either run or run and walk 10K. Pre booking and payment is essential as numbers are capped Some of the runs may have a different starting point so please check each session for starting location. As well as paying for runs individually you also have the option to pre pay for runs each month for a discounted price. To find out more visit to see the 4 Run Pass and the All Run Pass.

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Run details

  1. Thursday
  2. 06:30PM
  3. 5-10K
  4. Women only
  5. Keep Me Going

Where we meet

Opposite the fire station on the corner of normandy way

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