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About our group

RunFit Shirley is a running fitness group based in Shirley, Solihull offering organised running sessions to men and women of all ages who would like to start running, and those who currently run a little but would like to improve. 

RunFit Shirley is not a running club, so we are not looking to be competitive or break any records, the group is there to provide support and opportunity for people to incorporate running into thier lifestyle.  Each session is brought to you by Ravi, an experienced runner and qualified Run Leader, whose aim is to help people with their fitness journey.  We run as a group where no one gets left behind on their own.  These sessions are desinged to be safe, supportive, fun, friendly and open to all.  

Benefits of being part of this group:

  • Weekly support and motivation
  • Fully inclusive of all - there is no need to worry about your speed or how far you can run
  • Routes and distances are pre-planned so you can just turn up. 
  • Opportunity to buy a group running T-shirt 


Group Runs

Group runs will be created based on demand and availability, so if there isn't one now, keep checking on this website or follow us on social media for announcements. 

  • Zero to 5K Hero 
  • 5K improvers/social 
  • Sunday morning run


What will we do in the session?

RunFit is about incorporating running and fitness with the aim of  improving both your fitness, strength and stability - all of which are important for runners.  Therefore a typical session will start with a gentle warm-up, to get both your body and mind prepared.  We may then do some activities to get your core and lower body primed (something you might not normally do if you were heading out for a run by yourself).  We will always finish with a cool-down.   

What are the benefits of running?

  • It's one of the most efficient ways to achieve aerobic fitness.
  • Relieve stress and improve your mental health.
  • Experience a 'runner's high' when endorphins are released - this gives you a euphoric feeling.
  • Burning a LOT of calories if you choose to run longer.
  • Running—along with other weight-bearing exercise—stimulates stronger bones.
  • Accountability, knowing others are going out will motivate you to run as a group.
  • Have someone behind you helping you make choices for diet and fitness.

How much does it cost?

Some sessions are run completely FREE or for a very low cost and have been organised on a voluntary basis to help get people started.   

Places are limited so please register and book online.  Details of all run sessions, dates, times and locations are noted below.  

Why should I book in advance?

When you register, you input your medical conditions and next of kin details. When you book on a session, this information is easily (and securely) accessible to the Run Leader. So, god forbid, anything should happen to you during the session, we have this info to hand  should it be required.

Also, it helps me with controlling the number of runners at the sessions, helps me plan routes, and gives me an idea of who we're waiting for if you are a few minutes late. So we also ask that you please book off, or let us know, if you cannot make the session.

Do I need expensive running gear?

No, not at all. Do wear some suitable running shoes and breathable but comfortable clothes based on the weather.  You may wish to visit a running specialst retailer who can check your gait and ensure you have the right shoes for you, as this can really help avoid injuries. 

What are your qualifications?

I am an England Athletics licenced run leader (Leader in Running Fitness) and hold an enhanced DBS check certificate.  

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Ravi Tanna - Group Leader

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Car park behind Iceland, Shirley