Virtual Couch-to-5k

Couch to 5K logoCouch To 5k is a beginners course that many thousands of people have completed and is recommended by the NHS. You'll complete three sessions a week, each designed to help you progress from walking to running continously for 5km.

Sign up for Nov 2nd start

Hi, we're Richard (right) and Carrie (below). We'd  love to help you get into running - or back into running!

How it works

  1. Richard holding up a signSign up and you'll receive instructions on how to do three specific run sessions a week. Each run will be a combination of walking and running, building up at a very steady pace. We'll encourage and support you all the way.

  2. You can do your runs any day and time - tell us how it went when you get back and share a photo if you want.

  3. At the end of 8 weeks, you'll be running 5k without stopping - but if you want to repeat a week, at any stage that's fine too.

Important: if you have any concerns about your health, please do seek medical advice before starting

Example of week 1More about Couch-to-5k

Couch-to-5k is an NHS backed programme to get into running at a manageable pace, through three runs a week. All runs are run/walk and build up to being able to run 5k continuously by the end of week 8. 

There is an app and a series of podcasts you can listen to on your way round. We'll guide you through where to find everything in the whatsapp group.

More info on the NHS Couch-to-5k here.



More about the leaders

This programme is run by Richard (above) and Carrie (below) who have each been helping people getting into running for over a decade. They are so excited about helping you find your running mojo during this very weird time where we all have a little bit more ... time.

Run For Your Life has been hosting get-into-running sessions in Cambridgeshire since 2013 and you will be joining many hundreds of people who have found their "running feet" with us in that time. For a bit of inspiration, meet Alice who took her very first running steps with us in 2017...

Carrie holding up a sign