About Run PT

Anne Chinoy Run PTI  am a keen club runner, fully insured Level 3 Personal Trainer, Leader in Running Fitness and the 2020 winner of the  AoC Sport Fitness Trainer Competition.

I was a late-comer to running, only taking it up just before my 40th birthday.  I quickly got the running bug and joined a local club to train for my first half marathon. With the benefit of club sessions (tempo runs, interval training and track) I was soon racing distances from 5k up to marathon as well as cross country, fell running, track events and road relays. I quickly improved and even found myself winning individual, age category and team prizes. My running highlights have included getting selected to run in the England Age Masters 10K Championships in 2019 and qualifying for Championship Entry at the London Marathon. 

I now want to share my love of the sport with runners of all abilities & help them get faster and achieve their potential  by adding speed work to their training . Speedwork is not about sprinting! It's about running faster than your race pace for short intervals with short recoveries. 

All efforts are based on time (rather than distance) to ensure runners of all abilities benefit from the session. If you would like to improve your running form, get faster and run stronger please join me for one of my sessions or get in touch on info@run-pt.co.uk.