Ruth Crowther

I ran my first half marathon in 1985 and then didn't run again for many years as I seemed to spend the time getting injuries!
In 2012, I ran my 1st marathon fulfilling my lifetime ambition. I trained mostly on a treadmill as I had no-one to run with on dark evenings in Redbourn.
I was so glad when Run Redbourn started and there were organised runs starting from the village and I appreciated the camaraderie of other runners.
I still don't like running in the dark or when it's raining or windy..... I find if there is a Run Redbourn run though, I will venture out.
I qualified as a Run Leader in 2018, so I could help other people to fulfil their running ambitions and be part of a running community.
Distances? I can't say I have a favourite and have now run 4 marathons as well as countless half marathons ,10kms and parkruns.
I am now training for the Paris and Berlin marathons in 2020.

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