Ben McDonald

I am a reformed couch potato, since taking up running in 2011. I did my first 10k back then in around an hour, and have made lots of progress and run in quite a few races since. As well as the odd park run, I have completed lots of 10k races, around a dozen half marathons and three marathons. I have two more marathons booked in, including London in 2018!

I qualified as a run leader in July 2017 and plan to work with runners of all abilities. Run Redbourn! is a bit different to many running clubs. It is a community of people that just want to get involved, get fitter and make friends. There is a wide range of run options at all times of day, and all of our runs take place in and around our lovely village. Trust me, I know the routes around here by now!

Want to become a run leader?

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