Ian Robinson

I really enjoy getting people running, but my main passion is for beginners. I get a huge amount of satisfaction from them, who say "I can't run" then watching them improve and progress. Then to compete and complete in their first 5 Km, 10 Km or even a half marathon. It's not all about speed it's more about getting out and enjoying yourself. Yes, we do still need goals in order to improve and push yourself. I believe that a fun and friendly group is the best way to achieve this for both, recreational runners or if you are bitten by the 'bug' competitive runners. However, one thing that I do try to impress on people is to not get so involved in their training that they lose the enjoyment that running first brought them. I strongly recommend that everyone fits in to their training plan a special run - Forget about distance, pace, time, GPS, HRM or gadgets, just put on your trainers, run in your comfort zone, enjoy the weather and scenery and remember why you started running in the first place.

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