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Next run: Monday 29 March 2021

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Welcome to "Running Keyworth" , we are a very social and welcoming running group operating out of Keyworth in Nottinghamshire.

Of course when you go around our lovely village or local area you always see runners but nothing really organized in the way of groups.  We aim to build a closer and healthier community by having a truly supportive and no pressure running club which is open to all .

We started a succesful "Couch to 5K" in January 2019 and the aim is s to do two 10 week courses a year. These are totally FREE of charge, us giving back to the community, so do make a commitment to last those ten weeks if you join us. We want every single person who starts to carry on, achieve and then keep coming, keep achieving.

No-one starts running thinking about how fast they can do 10k or running a Marathon. The beauty of running is that it has a place for absolutely everyone and that`s regardless of speed, age, sex, religion, political tendency or the colour of your trainers. Whether you want to do an easy parkrun talking about last week`s Soap`s or run over mountain tops or do a Triathlon, a road 10k or a race for life in a pink tutu - it doesn't matter - you are running, it is about you and your journey.

We would love Keyworth and neighbouring villages to be running villages, running helps physical and mental fitness, brings people together and helps develop new friends among it`s many other good things. So stop reading, come join us and start achieving!


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All our Run Leaders are highly trained by United Kingdom athletics

To get the full benefit of England Athletics and RunTogether we suggest registering FREE on the RunTogether site.

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Rob Beers - Group Leader

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  • Caroline Crabtree Run Leader

  • Rob Beers Run Leader Mentor, Mental Health Champion, Run Leader, Mental Health Champion, Group Leader

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Keyworth Village Hall