Couch to 5k


I think you all know that Couch to 5k has been an absolutely huge success?

Unfortunately what those figures dont tell you is how many didnt make it to the 5K at the end

Would you drive a car without lessons? Or operate machinery without proper instruction?  Well I hope you wouldnt anyway

We wont lie, running is one of the hardest to start but it`s definitely the most worthwhile and rewarding sports and lesiure activity in the World by far. Trouble is we are all different, and rightly so-different ages, different muscles, different circumstances, different goals, etc.

So much has been pushed into getting you running so many seconds then minutes and not enough on helping the body adapt and to prevent injury. If you havent ran for a while or perhaps years it does to take time for the body to adapt and re-strengthen.

We will not throw you in at the deep end! Helping you understand your body, how to recover quicker, not get injured, how to warm up and cool down, and the basics of running to make it just that little bit easier.

If you have not run before, for years, since when or a returning runner then you are perfect for C25K

You are never too old to run! I run with a gentleman at my club who is past eighty and didnt do his first Marathon until past seventy

If you have worries with your health please do consult your GP before you start, i`d certainly appreciate also if you could confidentally say if you have an issue I need to be made aware of (eg-Diabetes)

We are open to disabilities, we are open to all genders, all religions, all ages over 12 (Recommended by RT/EA), all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

There hopefully should be no barriers to participation, our wish is that running breaks down barriers and from our experience definitely!

There is absolutely no onus on speed EVER!

It`s a fact that we drag up no end of times but only 3% of the UK population can run a single mile without stopping. Now within ten weeks I promise to have you running 5k (3.1 miles) so you can boast to all and sundry that you are indeed an elite athlete!

And remember the hardest step you`ll ever make is out the door on week one, do come and join us we would love to see  you just check out the `runs` tab