Helen Boggs

As I got older and work and family commitments took priority, I found I wasn't getting the time to do my usual sports and my fitness started to slip. I was keen to find something that I could fit around family life and the convenience of being able to go for a 'quick run' appealed. However, whenever I tried to do it by myself I would get quickly demotivated as I could never run very far - it was tough!

My husband Will was helping with a 0-5k course at my work, so I joined the course and this gave me the structure and support to build up the distance, something I was just not very disciplined at doing myself. After finding it so rewarding getting to the 5k, Will and I felt that more people would benefit from a course like this. So we created WB Fitness and the 10-week beginner running programme. Our aim was to create a really relaxed and social group to get people running 5k, but still picking up lots of tips and guidance to become an efficient runner.

As well as supporting new runners get to the 5k mark, I've also enjoyed running with the social group to build up my own distance, with the highlights being running the Great South Run as well as a 5k event in Chicago. While PB's are always a great achievement and it's great to run the odd event or two, I've actually just enjoyed the social company and general fitness more than the competitive side. I've made some great friends and improved my fitness - it's been win win! :)

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