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Next run: Wednesday 15 July 2020

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Running is for everyone. Not just stick-thin Lycra-clad speedsters who are only interested in PBs and podiums. Running Forever runs three local running groups – Rye Runners, Tenterden Runners and Curious Runners Ashford – all of which welcome runners of all abilities and aspirations to friendly, supportive and fully coached sessions. No matter what your goals, pace or experience, you will never be left out, left unchallenged or left behind.

Our aim is to help everyone find a passion for running and create a lifetime habit that will pay dividends to their physical and mental wellbeing. While some of our regular attendees are talented competitors, others wouldn’t dream of toeing the line of a race, and come along for fitness, fun and friendship.

Running Forever is a not-for-profit company set up by Sam Murphy (author of Run for Life, and the Murphy's Lore columnist in Runner's World magazine) and husband Jeff Pyrah. Sam and Jeff are both highly experienced British Athletics qualified coaches and they are supported by a team of qualified running leaders Gareth McCully, David Brightling, Jane Elcombe, Ted Wilson, Fiona Patten and Grainne Hashemi assisting, so there is always plenty of support.

Lots of people enquiring about the group ask 'how far do you run?' During the hour-long session, we might cover somewhere between 3 and 6 miles, but it's almost never in the form of a continuous steady run. We focus more on 'quality' training like intervals, speedwork, hills or threshold sessions, along with some drills and exercises to improve technique, strength and efficiency. The way sessions are structured means that everyone gets to work at their own level, even with people of very different speeds/abilities. It's also really valuable in improving your speed and endurance - and it's more fun! If you are only in Rye for a weekend or holiday, you are still welcome to join us.

To find out more about Running Forever visit www.runningforever.co.uk


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Samantha Pyrah - Group Leader


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At the Cricket/Football Pavilion on the Salts.

Rye Harbour car park

Broomhill Sands car-park

Iden playing field car-park

Tilling Green Community Centre, Rye