Mandy Jordan

"You've all seen the pics of the runner who is fast, in shape and makes it all look effortless - well I'm not that type of runner and I'm okay with that! Two years ago I don't think I would have ever seen myself as the type of person that would join a running club let alone become a Run Leader as I couldn't even run for 30 seconds without being out of breath but I started by using the free couch to 5k app in 2018 after recovering from illness that left me with lasting nerve damage and pain. I wanted to get fit, loose the weight I'd gained through my illness and meet new people. Using the app I did manage to start running but it's hard to keep motivated if you're doing it by yourself after work in the dark let alone feeling less than fabulous in lycra. I had seen some adverts locally for the beginners course at Saxons Running Club so decided to pull up my big girl pants and just join. I am so pleased I did. The coaches are knowledgeable, the club members are friendly and I'm now running two-three times a week at my own pace. I'll never win any medals for speed but my physical and mental health has improved, I've made new friends, lost weight and ran 5 half marathons and 2 marathons at my own pace in the last year.

In December 2019 I gained the Leader in Running Fitness qualification enabling me to become an England Athletics RunLeader (not a Coach). I set up the Saxmundham RunTogether Group with the support of the Saxons Running Club to encourage more women to start to run or RunTogether in a supportive social environment which has proven physical and mental health benefits. If you wish to join the club too during/at the end of the sessions to improve they will welcome you or just continue to enjoy running on your own or as part of a social running group. However you continue your running, I hope that from starting out in a supportive non-judgemental social environment you gain some of the positive benefits that running has given me over the last two years"

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