Dawn Annett

Hiya! I'm Dawn Annett, co-founder member of "So Let's Go Running" The Yin to Brian Page's Yang if you like! RunTogether sums me up! I'm a community runner who never runs alone! My passion and enthusiasm for running and how it helps with fitness and manage stress has never diminished, which is why I will always be willing to help beginners achieve their fitness goals, no matter what size or pace they are and without them having to pay for my sessions. As long as a person is willing, I will 8try to help with runs or run/walks, easy runs, intervals, hills or fartlec sessions. I would love to help people with barriers e.g. disability to run and I am happy to run any distance up to marathons. Please take that leap of faith and join me no matter how nervous you feel and I will do my best to help you feel comfortable enough to try! Xx

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