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Muster run info

Unless otherwise announced the main Thursday training session is the “Muster”.

We run together using a system that allows people to run at different speeds but keeping us all together as a group.  To keep everyone together, we have points every mile or so at which we all turn around and run back to the slowest runner who is always accompanied by a back marker.  We call these "muster points".  The back marker changes at each muster point so he only has to run slowly for one muster leg.

This system allows everyone to run at their own speed without anyone being left behind.  Some of us treat the runs as interval sessions, running different sections at different speeds, or perhaps some sections as training runs and others as social runs.

Main muster

The length of the routes is between 6 and 7 miles.  Quicker runners who muster back to the back marker will run further than this.

The summer muster is over traffic-free paths & trails in Birchwood Forest Park & Pestfurlong Hill.   The winter muster is over pavements on local roads with street lighting.

There is a single route for the Summer Muster run and three different Winter Muster routes. 

To view any of the muster routes, click on one of the pictures on this page.  The muster points are marked on the maps.  Many thanks to Michael & Angela Bradley for the route maps & risk assessments, also to Bill Bradley for the shorter alternative routes.

Alternative runs

Several alternative shorter mini-muster routes for those who don't feel ready to tackle the full muster are being trialled in early spring.  Routes are on the right of this page.

Some runners prefer to do a separate faster pace run, although many faster runners run the muster.

Muster etiquette

Please try to follow these guidelines, for courtesy & safety and to make sure the muster works well.

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