There is just so much to learn about running and always opportunities to progress.  Our sessions are planned to give insights and tools to progress your running.

Its hard to explain to any non runners but for many running helps with the daily stresses and helps us to focus, even to find solutions on a longer run.  

Running has other benefits too - its a great calorie burner,  to make you look good, feel good and protect your health.

Whats' great about running is that you can fit it in arround a busy schedule.  You can do it at anytime, with anyone, anywhere.  

Fundemental for running is to build a good foundation in strength, mobility, and flexibility. Develop agility, balance and co-ordintaion skills, that we forget as adults but help aviod injury. 

Cross training in between sessions with some swinning, yoga, pilates or cycling is recommended.  This will help build and maintain cardio vascular development and let your running muscles rest and have a break from the impact forces on our bodies.

Rest days are essential for recovery which will make you fitter and stronger.

If you can make it along to one of the local track session at Bristol & West AC Whitehall or the WISE Filton campus you'll get a great workout!  Aimed to improve your speed and endurance.   

  • "Easy or recovery run " thats a gentle jog at a speed where you can have a chat. With lots of smart watches and data you'll here fellow runners talking about their heart rate zones, tempo, progression, negative splits and more.  We like to keep it in simple terms.
  • "Steady run" comfortable running that you should be able to hold a conversation at least for a short while at a steady pace. 
  •  "Fast, strides or efforts" this should feel hard but you could keep going for longer after a short  recovery 
  • "Maximum/TEMPO" it feels really difficult, you can only breathe, let alone hold a converstion!

Distance for example our steady runs can be something to aim for.  If you can continuosly run for 30mins or 5Km then try build gradually over the next  8 - 12 weeks adding 10% of time or distance each time you go out. building "time on legs"

Wellbeing if you want to get the best out of your running you might consider your nutrition and sleep.  The NHS website is a good starting point for information on this.  We will always ask you on the day if you have any injuries to let us know thats so that we can adjust or differentiate the session plan or to understand what to do for you.  If you do feel unwell then listen to your body and have a rest day. 

DOMS deleayed onset muscle soreness or tightness  can occur the next day and after ease away.   If you do have any strains or pains that don't ease then we would suggest the advice of a physiotherapists.  They will assess the injury and cause looking at the running chain (hips, knees to feet) and develop a recovery plan.

Missed a session - don't worry if you have a week off or can't make a session the incremental increases in distance and times will allow you to reach your goal. 

Take a look at of Speedwell Runners facebook page for more ideas,  hints n tips to help progress your running.   If you are training for a specifc target or event and would like some help then let one of the coaches know and we can help you with a pesonalised training plan.  

Remember - we want you to enjoy the sessions and you don't have to follow a plan you can just run for fun.

Happy Running

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