Training Structure

We start with a welcome, registration and session brief.  We do a social jog and dynanmic stretches to warm up.  The main part of the session, is structured as needed for beginners, and includes progression excercises aimed at buiilding foundational strength and mobility, which we recommend to do between sessions.  To finish off we do a cool down stretch. 

Over an 8 week period you can expect to improve your strength, technique, endurance and efficiency with varied sessions typically:

wk 1 - Meet & Retreat
wk 2 - Oregon circuit
wk 3 - Run and talk
wk 4 - Sets of shutlle runs
wk 5 - Speed play 3mins with 60 sec recovery (easy-med-high)
wk 6 -  Pryramid 3 sets 1-2- 3 repeat  3-2-1 (active recovery)
wk 7 - Hill Relays
wk 8 - 20 min time trial (distance/loops covered)