Our group runs

We've found 0 runs at location: Swallownest Health Centre - Lower Car Park

We offer a variety of sessions over the course of the week throughout the City at, we have three ability groups at each session:

  • Beginners S03 (3 miles)
  • Intermediate S04 (4+ miles)
  • Advanced S05 (5+miles)

Each session lasts one hour and we ask for a voluntary donation of £1 to run with us for the upkeep of the club.

Wisewood Sports Centre S6 4BS  6pm - Run Leaders/Coaches Lou, Rachel and Gay

Crookes Social Club S10 1TD  6pm S05 and 6.30pm S03 & S04 groups - Run Leaders/Coaches Carol, Gay, Monica & Shelley 

Stocksbridge Fox Valley S36 2AB 6pm - Run Leaders Ros & Hattie

Hillsborough Park (next to the swings) S6 2AB 6.15pm Couch 2 5K or HIIT & Run - Coach Andrea

Woodhouse Trinity Church S13 7JL 7pm - Run Leaders Debs, Juliet & Jess


Norton Sportsman Pub S8 8PE 7pm - Run Leaders Chloe, Kerry & Claire


Woodhouse Trinity Church S13 7JL 7pm - Run Leaders Debs, Juliet & Jess


Stannington Library (car park behind) S6 6 BX 9am - Run Leaders/Coaches Claire, Amanda & Julie

Aston Chasers are also a great club to run with, if you are located that side of the City. They are all part of the Strideout family and welcome and support female runners https://groups.runtogether.co.uk/AstonChasers

If you would like to join us for a run then please just come along and join us, if you have any questions please contact Gay on 07908 737194 or Andrea on 07542 757373 or email strideout11@gmail.com


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Become a qualified run leader by taking the Leadership in Fitness and Running Course from England Athletics

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