27 Oct 2021

New On-Demand Beginners Running Course is Launched!

So you’re thinking of starting running? Or maybe getting back into running after a break?

Join our On-Demand Beginners Running Course which will help you become a competent runner and get the opportunity to run with a sociable & friendly group of runners. 

With the course you are able to start at anytime and progress at a rate which is most appropriate to you. You will receive 10 'weekly' video lessons, which show you how to warm up, stretch effectively, how to control your breathing and will provide tips on running technique to help make running that bit easier. With each lesson you will also receive a run/walk schedule for that stage and to keep you motivated and on-track our coach will check in with you to see how each session is progressing. Once you have completed a stage you will progress onto the next video and running schedule. However, if you need more time to complete the running sessions then there is no pressure to move onto the next stage until you are ready and completely happy to do so. Throughout the programme you will also be able to contact our coach to ask any questions or seek help. Finally, the programme will also include 10 free sessions with our running group, so you get to experience the fun and sociable side of running – and make new running buddies.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Before starting the course, it is strongly recommended that you are comfortable with completing 3 x 20-minute brisk walks per week. This is to ensure that you have a good basic level of fitness to start with and will help you complete the course more easily and comfortably.
  2. The 10-week beginners programme consists of 10 videos and a running schedule for each 'weekly' stage. You will be expected to complete 3 ‘runs’ before moving onto the next stage. 
  3. To allow for holidays, illness or if extra time is needed to complete a particular stage, you have up to 16 weeks to complete the course; after which the course will expire and no refunds will be offered.
  4. The course includes 10 free ‘SB Rec Training Sessions’ with our group Sutton Benger RunTogether. These must be taken within 6 months of starting the course.
  5. For the duration of the course, you will be able contact our coach via Whatsapp to ask questions or ask for help. 
  6. Each week our coach will check in with you via Whatsapp to see how you are progressing.

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