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The Long Eaton Running Club's C25K, is a fantastic program that's been designed to get just about anyone from the couch to running 5 kilometres in just 9 weeks.

Who are we? We are Long Eaton Running Club and we want to help you get off the couch get fit and enjoy the fresh air.
The group is led by a great team who are Leader's in Running Fitness and have the knowledge and expertise to support you starting out. With a passion for running and enjoyment brings great things!

We have had 3 years of Long Eaton Learner groups with 2/3 groups each year, all very successful and they are moving on to do Marathons, Half Marathons and 10k's now, joining the running club and doing fantastic. Some of these Graduates will also be at the sessions to support and give advice. 

With the 8 week programme we support you each week with registration, warm up, session and cool down with any Q&A afterwards. 
We target the Long Eaton parkrun which is a free community 5k event to achieve the goal of a 5k run. A Graduation! 

So with yourself, we will be using West Park but we still need to be seen, be safe. Hi Viz running bibs from sports shops are great to flashing lights as the nights get darker! Running attire from trainers, sports bra for the ladies and a hoody for afterwards! 

There are no expectations, no speed requirements, we are all different but want to run and we can run together step by step week by week. Each time we have done the programme, everyone always says how they can't do the following week - and they do, will and can! Determination and the end goal to go for! 

So here's to a new you....... seen those runners out there and thought I'd like to do that, run a 5k , 10k etc ...... Come join us and change your lifestyle.
Running is great for the mind, body and soul. You'll get fit, meet friends and will have a laugh along the way. All before Summer so you can target those Winter runs and keep running into the New Year! ready for the Summer Fun.

Starting 28th January 2020, West Park Leisure centre meeting 6:30pm and to start 6:45pm.

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Car Park Front Entrance

The LEL - Beginners C25K - Monday Nights 7pm

The ParkRun - Long Eaton Graduation Day 5K

Meet Room West Park Leisure Centre