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Life is demanding so why not do something that not only gets you fit, keeps you healthy and helps you make new friends. Running is such a great release and when you run together with friends it can really lift your spirits. The Yellow Army Community has runners of all levels of running abilities. Some come to get fit, some to meet new friends. We guarantee a warm welcome and lots of support so you can enjoy your running and it's free. So what are you waiting for?... 

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Alison Whitehouse - Group Leader


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  • Alison Whitehouse Group support, Run Leader, Run Leader Mentor, Group Leader, Group Helper

  • Jackie Ward Group Leader, Group support, Group Helper, Run Leader Mentor, Run Leader

  • Robert Bowen Group support, Group Helper, Run Leader, Group Leader, Run Leader Mentor

Our locations


Crestwood High School

Dell Stadium reception area

Crestwood Pub


The Waterfront Inn, Weatherspoons

Spar Carpark

Members only - meeting place tbc