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About our group

Wonder what the fuss is about? Want to be more active? Fancy giving running a try?
Are you training for your first 10k? First half marathon? 500th marathon?!

We're the group for you!

Katie is an England Athletics qualified Coach in Running Fitness. Cheryl is a highly-qualified, multi-disciplined training guru. Janine is an England Athletics qualified Run Leader. Together they will ensure you have a safe, fun and energetic session each week, with the emphasis on making personal improvements.

We can also provide training plans for a range of running events, whether it's your first 5k or 500th marathon!

Meet our run leaders

Our locations


Cotswold Sports Centre car park

Car park before Whitchurch bridge

Bucknell's Meadow, Mapledurham Drive

Cotswold Sports Centre Outdoor Courts