Lockdown Support

We know things are difficult right now, but we've got this!

We want everyone to know, even though we may not be able to run in the usual way, we still can really support each other.  At the time of posting all sessions are currently suspended, and due to the National Lockdown exercise is only permitted with your household, those in your support bubble, or with one other person.

On our social media we will be keeping you updated with ideas to keep motivated, and will also share some on here too.


We want to use this opportunity to catch up with you, virtually of course! 


Get To Know Us Sessions -

The first session will be for people who have NEVER run with us.  We know people don't want to run with a group as they have so many questions, do you know all our leaders felt the same on their first group run? 

You may think you're not fast enough or fit enough to join us yet, you are fine as you are. 

Maybe you don't know how it works and how you pay (by the way, you don't, it's free!).  

Are you a bit nervous about meeting new people?  Or not know what to expect?  Or what do you even wear?

Then these sessions are for you, meet some of our leaders, we will tell you how things work, and you can ask questions.  Then when you first come you will see a friendly face.

Get To Know Us Sessions - 

Wednesday 13th January or Wednesday 27th January at 6pm


Keep Us Inspired Sessions

These are for our current runners.  It's your chance to ask us anything (we may not have all the answers but will help you find them where we can).  We also will be sharing information on what we mean when we talk about elevation, pace, cadence and anything else you want to know about.

Do you need inspiration on a route or idea for a run, rather than just plodding the same thing you've done all lockdown?

Are you looking for a new watch but no idea where to start?

What about Strava, what do all those graphs even mean!

Keep Us Inspired Sessions - 

Wednesday 20th January or Wednesday 3rd February at 6pm

All sessions will be via Zoom (so likely to last just 45 minutes).  To book your space email tingleyrunfit@outlook.com - please share this with others who may be interested.


Lockdown Tips

💻 Are you working from home?
📚Trying to home school?
🤪Trying to occupy lively small people?

Maths + PE = fun!
Try our 15 minute activity and let us know how you get on!


Mile Time Trial (TT)


Virtual Runs - Start 1st Feb 2021


Whilst we can't run together we realise you miss having the chance to book on and run with others, so we've come up with a plan. There will be a virtual run each weekday and then one on a weekend. Book on the day you want to run (ignore the time!) A Run Leader will email you a suggestion for the day you are booked You can do that run at any point that day Let us know how you get on so we can share some positive thoughts and motivation By booking on it may help motivate you to get out, just like when we used to book the real thing, you'll also know anyone else booked will be doing the same run as you, just somewhere else! A Run Leader won't be there so please warm up and cool down and remember to listen to your body

Click here for our virtual runs!