05 Sep 2018

Volunteer of the Year - Lawrence Wade

Volunteer of the Year - Lawrence Wade


Lawrence is dedicated & reliable. He assists in organising & developing E A Jnr Ath League, supports youth CoNAC runners as pacesetter/encourager, attends UTT Run Together twice weekly supporting Couch to 5K & ‘Improvers’, creates running programmes and organises & regularly volunteers at Eaton Park Run. If Lawrence sees a need he looks to fulfil it. He liaised re ambulance access considering all park users, resulting in signpost system, devised efficient Park Run system & inducted others in use, and established system for matching visually impaired runners to assisters. Lawrence consistently reaches beyond his usual role with positivity & enthusiasm, including rising at 3am to sort clock & route for Run Norwich, driving UTT members to their 1st 10K race giving guidance & encouragement, staffing Park Run weekly when short & encouraging others to give time. Lawrence sees potential in everyone no matter age/ability. UTT is free with many female, older attendees & individuals with mental disabilities.

Lawrence is remarkable in the wide extent of groups & individuals he freely gives his time to without broadcasting involvement, just getting on with it. Everyone benefits from his expertise & input making him the very definition of an unsung hero.

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