Paul Callaghan

I'm an England Athletics qualified Run Leader and Coach in Running Fitness. I decided to study for the qualifications, partly for my own personal development, but also to use the skills learnt to help those with whom I run. In the same personal development vein, I also qualified as a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Life Coach through INLPTA and as a Hypnotherapist through the British Institute of Hypnotherapy. One of my favourite experiences on the course was completing a fire walk. I haven't included one of these in my training sessions yet, but there's still time!! I've been running senior coaching sessions for the last 4 years along with a group of like-minded coaches and I'm looking forward to us launching our junior section during 2021. I'm a founding member of both Selby parkrun and Brayton Academy junior parkrun (which is due to start in 2021). Selby parkrun has been a huge success and I think it's a real coup that we've also managed to bring a junior parkrun to the area. Although I love parkrun my personal passion is for endurance running events. I've completed many of these including the London, Rome, Copenhagen and Madrid marathons, Hell on the Humber (40 miles) and Endure 24 (75 miles). I have a friendly and supportive coaching style and I believe running is for everyone regardless of shape, size or ability. I firmly believe that our combined sessions will improve your strength, fitness, running technique. Most of all they will be fun!

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