Sarah Turnbull

Name: Sarah Turnbull

Running for how long: 13 years

How did you get into running:
I entered the Great South Run to raise Money for the British Liver Trust 2010 and decided if I was going to do it I wanted to run the entire way. Along, with raising as money as I could.

What's your best experience of running so far:
I have run the GSR 5 times and 2022 I beat my 2010 time.

What type of music do you run too:
mostly dance music, but I like lots of different types of music.

What do you get up to on a typical weekend:
My weekends are mostly running/volunteering, Horse riding/coaching and fun things with friends.

What's the best thing about Verwood Runners:
All the incredible people I have met and friends I have made. Along, with all the support and encouragement.

Give one unusual fact about yourself: I wouldn't say it is unusual, but I am a Horse riding coach.

What makes you laugh: Lots of things make me laugh - too many to list.

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