Jo Hansell

Name: Jo Hansell

Running for how long: For about 9 years, though I did dabble before that.

How did you get into running: Race for Life. I did it a few times (first time in 2003) but each time I'd stop running until training started the following year. After the 2010 RfL some work colleagues talked me into joining a team doing Great South Run (10 miles) for charity. I think that's when I really caught the bug.

What's your best experience of running so far: So many to choose from! I think the feeling when I get a PB (and there have been quite a few since joining VR) is something that just can't be beaten.

What type of music do you run too: I don't normally listen to music these days when I run. When I do, I like things that make me smile and lift my mood. My favourite is probably Reasons to be Cheerful pt.3

What do you get up to on a typical weekend: Running! Either actually running, or organising running (I'm one of the Run Directors at MV parkrun), or recovering from running, or racing. And sailing with Paul in the summer. Sometimes I find a bit of time for housework.

What's the best thing about Verwood Runners: How supportive they are! Whether you are the fastest or the slowest, whether you run marathons or just the occasional 5k, you are embraced by the purple love!

Give one unusual fact about yourself: I once performed in a choir in the Royal Albert Hall.

What makes you laugh: My friends, especially if there is gin involved!

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