Vivien Mason

Name: Viv Mason

Running for how long: 4 years

How did you get into running: I started off by doing the c25k with some friends but they gave up after 3 weeks so finished the course with my husband Greg. We graduated the week before the first park run at Moors Valley.

What's your best experience of running so far: I have many achievements but I think the one that stands out is doing marathon distance last April. I ran to raise money for charity as my mum had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She's all clear now but it was a very emotional run. Lots of mind battles on that one. More recently running with Verwood Runners I've made so many new friends it's just awesome.

What type of music do you run too:.if I'm out on my own it has to be rock the heavier the better. But if running with others conversation is all I need.

What do you get up to on a typical weekend: catching up on chores, cleaning out our 9 rescue guinea pigs, pottering in the garden, DIY or some sort of running event.

What's the best thing about Verwood Runners: the support and encouragement, no matter how long it takes you to finish a run they are always there at the end.

Give one unusual fact about yourself: hmm when I was 7 we did Snow White in Ringwood carnival and I was Dopey. It was the only year the evening got cancelled because of the weather and I never got to use my lamp. It was a cool lamp.

What makes you laugh: friends, funny things oh and me I laugh at myself a lot.

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