Richard Whitmarsh

Name Tricky Whitmarsh

Running for how long: About 8 years on and off

How did you get into running: I wanted to lose some weight and clear my mind so I just put on my shoes and gave it a try. It was very difficult to start with but like everything you've just got to persevere.

What's your best experience of running so far: I have got a couple really, the first one was the feeling of sheer delight and disbelief when i completed my first marathon after convincing myself i could never run that far. The second is the moment my wife Denise completed her first running event, i was bursting with so much pride after watching and helping her in her own journey into running.

What type of music do you run too: I really only listen to music if i am running on my own these days which doesn't happen that often anymore. When i do put the headphones on i listen to all sorts of music, Prince is my favourite however i have anything from Neil Diamond to Eminem on my ipod.

What do you get up to on a typical weekend: It usually involves a visit to parkrun on saturday followed by breakfast somewhere and then sunday is normally reserved for a longer run, running event or a nice hike in the hills.

What's the best thing about Verwood Runners: The fantastic family feeling of the club, where everybody is there to help and encourage. Obviously all the socialising and laughter is high on the list also.

Give one unusual fact about yourself: i am pretty much a Dr Dolittle i can make friends with any animal.

What makes you laugh: Lots of things, silly jokes, our pets, friends, family and day to day life.

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