Mark Young

Running for how long: I would estimate on and off roughly 28 years. How did you get into running: Started running when I joined the army at 16, but stopped after serving my time, then returned to running in 2000. What's your best experience of running so far: That's difficult!! I recall leading a group across the Brecon Beacons during a day and night run, weather was horrendous and it was a real personal challenge. I also remember my first parkrun and how much everyone supported each other, despite age or level of ability. What type of music do you run too: As a rule I don't listen to music when running. Most of my runs tend to be trail runs, so I like to be out there taking in the sights and sounds of the surroundings. What do you get up to on a typical weekend: I like to try and fit in a Parkrun and a longer run during the weekend. I also recently started open water swimming which I'm finding great for my mental wellbeing. I also own a VW camper which is great way to combine these activities, whilst getting away for a weekend. Trying to fit it all in around other domestic duties is always a challenge!! Whats the best thing about Verwood Runners: I joined Verwood Runners as I had started to lose my running mojo during lockdown. I was told by a good friend that VR was the club to join. They were not wrong!! Everything about the club is good, how they accept and support all runners no matter what level you are at. Give one unusual fact about yourself: It sounds crazy but I passed my tracked-vehicle driving test first time and could drive them before I could drive a car at 17 years old!! I didn't pass my car test till I was 20 after the third attempt!! What makes you laugh: I love quick one line comedy, also Michael McIntyre and Mickey Flanagan...but only if I'm going out..out

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