Megan Evans

Running for how long: 8 years on and off  How did you get into running: I was hoping to improve my fitness and lose weight. Started doing park runs at uni and Race for Life in 2013. What's your best experience of running so far: Maverick 26k on the Jurassic coast in 2019, a tough personal challenge, the furthest I've ever ran and beautiful scenery. What type of music do you run too: I don't tend to run with music, prefer to chat to other runners, take in the surroundings or encourage Archie (my doggo). What do you get up to on a typical weekend: Pakrun (pre covid), normally a canicross run or dog walk, see family and friends (often involving gin and cake).  What's the best thing about Verwood Runners: The friendly, supportive running community. Regardless of pace, if you're experienced or a beginner, or anywhere in between - everyone is cheered on Give one unusual fact about yourself: I have a black tag in Taekwondo What makes you laugh: I'm usually smiling and laughing

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