Sarah Candy

Name: Sarah Candy Running for how long: Off and on for 10yrs, consistently for 5yrs How did you get into running: I did C25K with a friend so that we could complete a Race for Life What's your best experience of running so far: Last year I got a PB for the Great South Run. I ran with 2 ladies from Verwood Runners who I would count as 2 of my closest friends. I was very emotional. In fact you'll often find me emotional about running achievements, my own and others. I love a blub! What type of music do you run too: Generally I run without music but if I do it has to be 80s pop - I'm a Stock Aitken and Waterman girl! What do you get up to on a typical weekend: Parkrun Saturday and long run Sunday and then eat lots of cake!!! I'm then normally found skulking round West Quay. I'm also a bit of a shopaholic... What's the best thing about Verwood Runners: Has to be the camaraderie. I've made so many friends through this group. The support is excellent. There's always someone willing to run with you if you need a buddy at any time. Give one unusual fact about yourself: My index toes are longer than my big toes?? Is that unusual? My other half thinks it's pretty freaky :) What makes you laugh: I'm always smiling and laughing. Cheesy jokes are the best!

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