Welcome to our running group

Next run: Wednesday 23 January 2019

About our group

This running group has been formed as part of the GET ACTIVE Wandle Valley programme. 

Sessions are free and take place every Wednesday startng at 7:30PM.

We meet at Phipps Bridge Tram stop, at the gate to Morden Hall Park and the session takes place in the park and sourrounding areas.


Weekly sessions for anyone who wants to start running or improve their running fitness. This is not a continuous run! It’s much better than that!

Running can be a fantastic form of exericise benefiting both your physical fitness as well as mental well-being.
It’s a way to get in shape and release the stresses of our everyday lives.

– Would you like to run regularly but lack confidence simply because chasing the bus seems hard enough and makes you get out of your breath?
– Are you worried that doing any group runs would mean you’d be the slowest one at the back?
Well, not at our sessions!

Sessions include walking, jogging and running and are specifically designed for a mixed-ability group.

You can turn up on the day but it's nice if you can book online in advance as then we know that you're coming!

Contact details

Dan Cudmore - Group Leader


Meet our run leaders

Our locations


Morden Hall Park

Meeting in front of the entrance to Morden station