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The Wannabees are a friendly group who offer you a way to make a start in running, return to running or improve your running. So whatever you wanna, we willa.

If you have never run before we will gently introduce you to running. No pressure just fun. You will be with like minded people of similar ability. If you have run before but want to return we will help you to move back into the running world.

Our goal is for you to achieve your goal and beyond.

The run leaders hold a certificate from Athletics England in Fitness and running.

Sessions will be tailored to your needs, whether this is walk jog or more. Although we lead we want you to do what you can do.

Talking, laughing and running will lead you to progress .

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Chris Ecclestone - Group Leader

Meet our Team

  • Chris Ecclestone Run Leader Mentor, Group Leader, Administrator, Group Helper, Run Leader

  • Martin Young Administrator, Group Helper, Group Leader, Run Leader Mentor, Run Leader

  • pete hudson Run Leader Mentor, Group Helper, Group Leader, Administrator, Run Leader

  • Sue Anderson Run Leader Mentor, Run Leader, Administrator, Group Helper, Group Leader

Our locations


Scartho Community Library St Giles Ave