Fiona Leatham

Name: Fiona Leatham (UKA Coach in Running Fitness and UKA Leader in Running Fitness). Club coach coordinator and welfare officer.

Been a Whippet since: 2010

Favourite race or distance: Half marathon, if I had to pick one then the Potters Arf, a tough and testing race but with loads of really good support from the locals.

Favourite training session: probably hills or a reps session, especially when it's over half way into the session and it's going ok.

Favourite food: Chelsea buns

Top running tips: Be consistent with your training and build up the distance gradually. Double tie your laces..

Best and worst running moments:
The best: Finishing the London marathon for the first time in 2011, if you don't know what happened next, don't ask, you may never get away!
The worst: A few: Being injured for 4 months, once having stitch for the first 12 miles of a marathon and having to stop and re-tie my laces in a 10k pb attempt.

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