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About our group

The Wild Country Runners meet every Monday outside the Little Tipple in Long Ashton. All runners are welcome, especially those who are beginners, nervous about running with a group or just wanting to get back into running again after a break. 

The group is led by Lesley Waldron, a Personal Trainer and running coach with a particular interest in getting people back into exercise outdoors. It is a 99% female group but that doesn't mean we will scare men away who want to join in. 

In the winter we stick to the pavements in and around Long Ashton with the odd hill or interval training session. In the summer we may get a little more adventurous. The most important thing is that no-one gets left behind and that all runners enjoy their run as much as possible. 

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Lesley Waldron - Group Leader

07875 026420

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Little Tipple off licence, Long Ashton