Winscombe Ladies Running Group

Next run: Friday 08 July 2022

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Each session lasts approx 60 minutes and includes warm up, cool down and stretches, and a combination of running & walking on the flat, hills, on & off road, speed work etc. The sessions aren't about running a set distance - it's more about doing your best and watching yourself improve over time. We start with a walk and some dynamic stretching. I encourage beginners who haven't run before to do more walking than jogging in the first few weeks. We don't worry too much about distance. Instead we work on short efforts for strength, speed and hills etc. We sometimes do short timed routes and also out and backs. The faster runners loop-back to keep the group together - we were all beginners once, and we try to encourage the less experienced runners in the group - we've got some very supportive groups. Some people are working towards their first race, others to help improve their stamina and pace, plus general health, fitness and weight loss.

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EMMA RUFFLE - Group Leader

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Outside The Woodborough Inn (Wed evening)

Winscombe Community Centre Annexe (Fri morning)