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These are community social runs.  We are not a running club and are not offering training sessions, but simply an opportunity to get together with other runners and run and talk together.

These are #Run And Talk events - part of the England Athletics #Run And Talk campaign, supported by mental health charity, MIND. 

We believe it's good to talk about Mental Health!

Meet at Ascension Church on Thorold Road, ready to run.  We will run together at a comfortable (able to chat comfortably) pace around our local area.  

Our main activities are our 5km #RunAndTalk (you must be able to run 5km comfortably, without stopping or walking) to join this session please, and our Mental Health miles which offers a 1-3 mile option for people not yet totally comfortable with the 5km.  

We also have opportunities to 'Try A Mile' and running courses for Beginners.

If you are new, please email running@ascensionsouthampton.co.uk as we'd love to help guide you towards the right activity and welcome you!

Want to become a run leader?

Become a qualified run leader by taking the Leadership in Fitness and Running Course from England Athletics

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