About us

Hannah the Runner is a running group based in Bath. We aim to be inclusive of everyone who wants to run regardless of ability, experience or anything else. Our runners range in age from 12 to 75 and come in all shapes and sizes. Some have just started out, some are speedy, some run far, but what unites us is that we support one another.

Hannah the Runner is not about egos. It's not about pace or position. We celebrate a run from your front door to the end of your street as loudly as we celebrate a race result.

All of our Run Leaders have England Athletics qualifications to support runners from age 12 up, and are insured and DBS checked. We maintain close links with England Athletics on their Mental Health Champion and Run Leader Mentor programmes. Training plans are designed by Hannah Lees, who holds an England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness qualification. 

Whilst our Run Leaders will do all they can to ensure your safety we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Are you fit to run? If you have any medical conditions (epilepsy, diabetes, allergies, etc), injuries, niggles, anything you've recently recovered from, please tell your Run Leader – privately if you prefer – all information is confidential. Mention things even if you've told them before – we're all human. Our Run Leaders are supportive of your mental as well as your physical health. For example if we can reduce your anxiety by giving you extra information about the session (parking, facilities, route, etc) we are happy to do this;
  • We trust you to choose a run which you're fit enough for. We try to give as much detail as possible about the distance and duration of each run, but if you're not sure what's right for you please ask. We want you to enjoy running with us;
  • #NoRunnerLeftBehind – On all social runs we loop (sheepdog, muster, scoop... whatever you prefer to call it). Everyone has a natural pace, a rhythm which feels comfortable, and running much faster or slower is hard work. To embrace this while still keeping the group together we loop: you run at your own pace and every so often just check behind you. If there's a gap between you and the slowest runner make a u-turn, run back beyond the last-placed person, u-turn again and slowly catch up. High-fives, fist-bumps, cheers and encouragement as you pass one another are very much encouraged. Everyone can run at their own pace and no one is always at the back!
  • Run on the left and share the paths with other users – we often run on shared-use cycle paths so stay left unless you're over-taking someone slower than you and be aware of cyclists behind;
  • Please don't wear earphones while running with us – you won't be able to hear the Run Leader or traffic (what you do on your own runs is entirely up to you – personally I love a comedy podcast);
  • Stay safe near roads. Your Run Leader will plan their routes to ensure all road crossings are at safe points. Please follow their instructions and don't take risks crossing roads. If you're running in the dark wear reflective, light coloured clothing and lights;
  • If you want/need to stop let someone know (ideally the Run Leader) – shout if you need to – please don't be shy. If you leave the run before the end and make your own way back then please let your Run Leader know when you're safely back at your home or car;

We are very proud of having built a community or runners based on mutual respect, support and a shared love of running, and we are grateful that you've chosen to join us and let us be part of your running journey.