What do people say about Hannah the Runner?

Here's a few of the reviews from my Facebook page. You can read the origninals, or leave one yourself at www.facebook.com/hannahtherunner/reviews or on our Google reviews.

"I had done a small amount of running before but had completely lost my mojo and thought it was a thing of the past. Then I signed up to Hannah’s couch to 5km course and it has transformed my relationship with running. Where I used to just drag myself through a run because I knew it was good for me I now love running with other women at a pace I can handle. The runs have become a lovely balancing social event for me and I’m now signing up for the 5-10km course. 😃" Helen - March 2019

"Hannah’s courses are excellent. From Coach to 5K and 5K Confidence of which I’ve done both they are well planned and fun. If you want to take up running but worried about doing it on your own, these courses are great. Making sure you exercise safely. Run by Qualified instructors, you can’t go wrong. Highly recommended." Alison - March 2019

"Really lovely, friendly group with knowledgeable leaders. Very well organised and a nice mix of runs for all abilities." Rachael - March 2019

"The most beneficial, life changing group I have ever joined!! With the most supportive unit!..I could not run 30 Secs! 2 years on I would say my preferred distance is the half marathon!!..🙈💪🏻😮" Hannah - March 2019

"I have been running for a long time but got stuck in a rut and not seeing any progress I decided to join Hannah’s Bath Half training group. I have only done a few sessions so far but each week has been something new and challenging and suitable for all abilities. The group is also very friendly and inclusive which makes it all the more enjoyable. Hannah is so lovely and a fountain of running knowledge and has lots of hints and tips on how to progress. If you are looking to improve your running technique and/or pb I would highly recommend you try Hannah the Runner." Esther - September 2018

"What can I say? Hannah the Runner has got me back into running. The coaches are so friendly and it's really motivating to run with a group. I actually look forward to running now, whereas previously I had to bully myself into it. Might even train for the local half marathon next. Thanks Hannah and team!" Samantha - September 2018

"I can not recommend Hannah and her team highly enough. With groups for every stage of running and constant online support for advice on aches pains and techniques. Whatever your goal whether that be getting off the couch and running 5K or just getting out of the house for a run with a group of friendly people Hannah will develop a programme for you. I have enjoyed every session, even hill sprints!!" Claire - September 2018

"Hannah was very supportive in my return to running after brain surgery. She buddied me up with the lovely Jo and I did the Combe Down C25K. I met some lovely ladies and found the experience very supportive. If anyone is looking to start running or refind their confidence book up x" Emma - September 2018

"Super friendly and supportive run training. Have found my love of running again thanks to the team at Hannah the Runner. Thank you!" Sarah - April 2018

"Hannah and her crew of awesome run leaders make running accessible and achievable. She's got me back running after a long time off and has proved to me that running is nothing to be afraid of!" Anna - April 2018

"Previously I wouldn’t have run from a burning building. After have two children I really need to get my fitness levels up but couldn’t be tied to an expensive gym membership with so little time to fit my fitness in. So I found Hannah and completed the couch to 5k, got the running bug so took part in RED (run everyday day) January and am currently on the run your best 10k course. The most important part is that we run as a group, no one is left behind and the support from the leaders and fellow runners is invaluable. For anyone thinking about starting to run, wanting to improve their run or simply just like a run and chat Hannah the Runner has a group to suit." Clare - March 2018

"I joined the Couch to 5K group in January without being able to run for more than a minute at a time. Hannah Lees, and our run leader Hannah Cheek, were fantastic at getting us up and running! They kept me going on the toughest runs and celebrated our successes. I’m so signed up to get me from 5km to 10km!" Anya - March 2018

"I did the couch to 5k course with Hannah and was amazed that at the end of the course I was actually able to run 5k! Before the course I hadn't done any exercise since my daughter was born 3 years previously so I was very unfit. At the beginning I was struggling with being able to run for 2 minutes at a time, now I can run for 30-40 minutes no problem. I've known people try to do couch to 5k using an app or online training programme, but they have all given up. The motivation to know the group was waiting for me each week and Hannah's excellent coaching advice were what kept me going otherwise I am sure I would have given up too! 

"I have also been on Hannah's Beyond Beginners course which was a great way to continue to do a regular run each week and meet some lovely new people. Plus Hannah knows some good routes around Bath to keep things interesting! 

"Thanks again Hannah!" Emma - November 2017

"I have been fortunate to enjoy some one-to-one running coaching with Hannah. Whilst I didn't find running the effortless activity I hoped it would be (!), with Hannah's guidance and encouragement, I have achieved more than I thought possible. Some simple tips she's shared with me around posture, breathing and body synchronicity have helped my running technique massively. Hannah is incredibly motivating, and there have been times that if she wasn't running with me, I would've given up! And whilst she encourages and challenges you, she is also very kind and patient. Whatever stage you're at with your running, whether you're completely new to exercise or an accomplished runner already, I would thoroughly recommend one-to-one coaching or group coaching with Hannah." Jo - November 2017

"I completed a couch to 5K with Hannah in March. I never ever thought I would be able to run full stop let alone 5K! I was a complete beginner. The course caters for everyone. Hannah’s support and advice throughout the course is invaluable and she is always on the end of a text or message on her page if you need a boost with homework’s! I would highly recommend this course, it has made a huge difference to me and I love running! There are other courses to do after you complete couch to 5k, to help keep yourself motivated and have company on a run!!" Shona - November 2017

"I started running on my own to get fit and was plagued by injuries, I joined Hannah's couch to 5km group Jan 2017. Hannah has taught me the importance of warming up and stretching afterwards and importantly how to actually run! Crazy I know but there are right ways and wrong ways believe it or not. This group has given me the skills to run faster and further and what's great about a running group is you meet lots of new friends and it's so motivational and supportive. Hannah has time for everyone and is an awesomely kind and inspirational coach. I would whole heartedly recommend this group to get you started on your running adventure, if I can do it at 47 years and previously very unfit anyone can." Lisa - November 2017

"I completed Hannah’s Couch to 5k course. She was always very encouraging, giving useful tips and running techniques throughout the course. I wouldn’t now be able to run 5k twice a week if i hadn’t done Hannah’s course. Hannah is a legend!" Alex - November 2017

"Can not recommend enough! Hannah is a fantastic coach! She is understanding, supportive, encouraging and most importantly, fun! She has helped me achieve what I thought was impossible. I have seen a great improvement in not just my physical health, but also in my mental health. Can not thank Hannah enough!" Amy - November 2017

"Joined coach 2 5k in jan 2017 hadn’t run since school ( 30 +) years now run Park Run every week best exercise I ever signed up for , Hannah is great always there to support and encourage you and somehow always knows when you need a bit extra. just do it you will be amazed at what you can achieve." Michelle - November 2017

"As an unfit, size 18, 41 year old I started couch to 5k in March with Hannah, literally not being able to run a minute. By May I could run for 40 minutes and cover 5k!!! A minor miracle and with much credit to Hannah. She provides just the right measure of support and challenge and believes in you before you can believe in yourself. I have continued to train with Hannah ever since and am attempting 10k in a few weeks and then who knows.... If in doubt about doing the couch to 5k, just do it. If I can do it you can too. The inclusive sisterhood of these groups is brilliant and has helped me overcome many of the hang ups and doubts I had about excercise and myself." Alice - November 2017

"Hannah's energy, infectious enthusiasm, dedication and unbelievable attention to each of her runners is truly inspiring. Hannah takes her job very seriously and is determined to cater to each person to ensure their success, no matter what the level of running experience (from never tried to returning after a break). Hannah coached me back after having broken my arm and has instilled physical confidence and brought me the pleasure of running once again. She is incredibly patient with questions and encourages us all with a great sense of humour. I often hear her various conversations with each of the ladies in our group and it is clear that she cares about each individual's progress and happiness. Even when we are in a group, Hannah makes us feel special. If you are considering taking up running, Hannah is THE absolute running coach to get you there, especially if you are intimidated by the idea. Thank you for everything Hannah. :)" Jennifer - May 2017

"I've found the couch to 5k a great way to get back into running! My daughter also joins us most weeks in her pram which means child care isn't an issue for me. I would throughly recommend joining Hannah for a run, she's supportive and very friendly!" Nicola - March 2017

"Signing up to Hannah's Bath Half training group is one of the best things I've done. I never thought I would be running a Half Marathon again after having my three children let alone finding the time to train. The sessions were conveniently timed so I could get out in the evening when the kids were alsleep. The course focused on running technique, improving pace and distance. My pace has improved and I now feel confident to run 10k + 
Hannah is an awesome coach who is able to help with all queries running related. Right from the start of the course she provided valuable information on what to eat and drink pre and post training, stretching and injuries. Great course which I have throughly enjoyed and highly recommend. It's given me confidence and I've met some lovely running buddies." Emma - March 2017

"When I decided to enter the Bath Half a friend recommended Hannah and thank goodness she did - I'm not sure I could have done it on my own. Hannah strikes a perfect balance with training. She is motivational and supportive while at the same time pushing you just hard enough to do that little bit better each time you run. She has a wealth of knowledge to impart on every aspect of running and caters for all abilities. My running has improved tenfold since starting the course. I am more knowledgable about techniques and a lot more confident in my running ability and to top it off I've gotten quicker. All in all a brilliant group, very inclusive regardless of age and ability and I've met some lovely running buddies. I can't recommend Hannah enough." Helen - March 2017

"Great support and not intimidating - if you are a new runner it's very relaxed and friendly and you can go at your own pace. It's very doable and many of us have surprised ourselves with what we can do. Lots of great tips and motivation - would really recommend." Sarah - March 2017

"Never thought in 40yrs I would be able to run, let alone enjoy it. If your in doubt just go for it. 
If I can you can and Hanna was massively instrumental in this new love ❤️ I have with my trainers. Thank you so much Hanna xx" Jackie - March 2017

"It has been great training with Hannah for the Bath half marathon. I have needed her motivation and guidance to get me out there and have enjoyed the coached sessions and training runs - even the hills! Would highly recommend Hannah as a running coach." Nicki - March 2017

"Hannah has really helped me with technique and confidence, thoroughly recommend her as a coach!" Lindsay - March 2017