Ossy Joggers Kit

You can now order all your kit online! Below is link that will take you to the webpage where you can order anything that you would like.


For a guide to sizing please follow the link below:


This is the list of kit that is currently on the website, please note the 2 jackets with an * next to it will have a green logo but it is currently showing white on the website. There is also a yellow long sleeved top on the website which will be taken off.

You will have the option of putting your name on your peice of clothing when checking out.

You can collect them (usually ready within a week) or have it posted for an additional charge, details below.  *PLEASE NOTE* WHEN VISITING THE SHOP YOU MUST GO ALL THE WAY ROUND THE ROUNDABOUT AND COME BACK ON YOURSELF BEFORE TURNING LEFT TOWARDS THE SHOP.  DO NOT DRIVE IN THE BUS LANE.

Ewood Print Bar, 200 Bolton Rd, Blackburn BB2 4HU

Tops      Price (including VAT) 
JC001 Male COOL T  £                            7.85
JC005 Female GIRLIE COOL T  £                            7.85
JC012 Female GIRLIE LONG SLEEVE COOL T  £                          11.10
JC007 Male COOL VEST  £                            7.85
JC015 Female GIRLIE COOL VEST  £                            7.85
JC060 Male/Female COOL RUNNING JACKET *  £                          22.50
BA601  Male/Female SIROCCO SHOWERPROOF JACKET*  £                          14.25
JC080 Male COOL SHORTS  £                            9.95
JC083 Male COOL SPORTS LEGGING  £                          20.30
JC086 Female GIRLIE COOL CAPRI  £                          15.85
JC087 Female GIRLIE COOL ATHLETIC PANT  £                          20.30
JC088 Female GIRLIE COOL TRAINING SHORTS  £                          13.15
JH003 Male/Female VARSITY HOODIE  £                          20.25
  Black/Green ATHLEISURE HOLDALL  £                          18.95
  Black/Green GYMSAC  £                            5.80
  Black/Green RUCKSACK  £                          12.60
  Black/Green SPORTS HOLDALL  £                          15.85