Michael Dixon

I started running with encouragement from my partner Shirley and completed my C25K course with another running group in the area.

Then we heard about Ossy Joggers, then meeting, at Rhyddings Park. I recall meeting Mark, Suzanne, Lauren and Sally on the first night and even though we were novice runners, we were made instantly welcome into the group. That was in 2017.

Since then I have progressed through Gentle Joggers group to Joggers and have been even known to go out with the Runners group. I have taken part in a number of 10k runs and now up to half marathon range. All this from completing a C25K course. I am a regular Park Runner too.

Since 2021, I have been a Run Leader after completing my athletic England qualification. Prior to this, I was a Run Buddy supporting Run Leaders.

I have just finished leading training for the Coniston 14 run.

Joining Ossy Joggers has been a great benefit to myself, not only in terms of activity, but with friendship and support of all at the club. Running with others is much easier and more enjoyable than on one's own and I would recommend the group to others.

Want to become a run leader?

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