Michelle Mangan

Greetings Dear Reader, Sal has been "asking" me to do this blog for about two months, so far she's asked nicely but I probably shouldn't push it!!

Don't worry it'll be brief! Probably a good day to do it as the OJ community came together again (I'll get to the again bit in a mo) to help raise funds for the victims of the Manchester Bombing, so, I saw the time put in behind the scenes from the Run Leaders, who really week in week out literally "go the extra mile" (albeit from Armchairs) to organise the weekly programme, genuinely inspiring me, even though most of the time I just show up and "run".

Joining the OJ's really is one of the best things I've ever done.

The community bit. Well, from what I see weekly, friendships have been formed, strengthened, encouragement thrown about like Haribo's, personal best's knocked out the park, "can't" turned into can", for me that's what community is about. I know it's cheesy, but "The more you Cheese, the more you please"!

All I have to say now is "Thanks" for letting me be part of that, now I have to do a "Fun Fact" which to be honest looks worse when it's written down!! I've seen Bruce Springsteen in concert 78 times....so far! That's my other community and a whole other blog!!!

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