RunTogether group of the year 2016 (London Region)

About our group

We're a friendly and supportive women's running group, based in two locations : Petersfield and Putney.
Honeys come in all shapes and sizes, ages and speeds. What unites us is our love of running, being outside and socialising.

The first runnyhoneys group started in September 2011 in Putney. From the outset, the emphasis was on supporting each other to become better runners and this friendly encouragement is still key to the feel of a runnyhoneys run. Yes, we can be competitive and some of our runs are really challenging, but they are NOT intimidating and definitely NOT cliquey. As we approach 200 members, this is really vital to maintain!

We are proud to be part of England Athletics’ programme to make us a running nation.

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Contact details

Sue Browne - Group Leader

Meet our Team

  • Sophie Ward Run Leader Mentor, Run Leader

  • Sue Browne Run Leader Mentor, Run Leader, Group Leader, Coach in Running Fitness, First Aider

Our locations


Crewroom Hub

Outside the Spencer Pub (Winter venue)

Outside Arab Boy pub