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Welcome to the Sedgley Striders Running Club COVID Secure booking system.

This system is for paid up members only, and is not open to the public.  When restrictions are relaxed, we will once again, welcome visitors for trial runs with open arms; but for now, it's strictly members only.

Official club runs must be pre-booked, and will take place  on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  You can find details of the sessions on the 'Our Runs' page.   

Club sessions will be paced based runs, initially focusing on recovery, whilst the pressure of racing is off and COVID is a still a risk.

The listed pace is a long-term target, particularly for the first few weeks- choose the group running at your pre-lockdown pace.  Please feel free to run with whichever group suits how you feel each week. If you fancy an easier run, that's absolutely fine, but please do not run any faster than the run leader, even if the pace feels a little too slow for you.

Numbers are strictly limited to 5 runners per group leader. If run leaders are available, and demand is there, additional groups at the same pace will be offered.

If a licensed run leader for your group is not available on a particular Tuesday  or Thursday, you will not see a link for session.  If that happens, informal runs, without an official leader may be organised by members, running at their own risk, in groups no larger than 6. 

Other sessions e.g. Mondays, Wednesdays or weekends may also be organised informally, in groups no larger than 6, at runners' own risk.  These will not come under the official Sedgley Striders banner at the moment.

Before joining an official club run, particpants must:

- read and agree to adhere to our COVID19 Risk Assessment 

- complete the individual self-assessment form COVID Self Assessment Form to declare fitness to run, in a COVID capacity -this only needs to be completed once, unless your circumstances change

- listen to the pre-run briefing given by the run leader and follow all instructions given during the run

- ensure social distancing is maintained at all times, within the run group and with members of the public

Check out the 'Our Runs' page for details of sessions. You can preview routes on the 'Our Routes' page


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