Jan-March 2024 12 Week Coached Beginners C25K

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About this run

This course has been carefully designed to get you from couch to running 30mins or 5km continuously over 12 weeks. It is designed to get you there gradually, thereby reducing the risk of injury, giving your body time to adapt and more weeks for fun together. Whether you're looking for a new skill or hobby, wanting to get fit, make new friends, invest in your mental health, manage health conditions, lose weight or spend more time outdoors, you're very welcome and we look forward to having you. We're going to be teaching dynamic warm ups, strength and flexibility exercises for runners, running drills, running technique and endurance to get you comfortable running longer distances. There will be a structured cool down and stretching at the end of each session so you can leave refreshed and ready for the rest of your day.

Run details

  1. Saturday
  2. 10:00AM
  3. 0-5K
  4. Unisex
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Where we meet

Grassy area next to children's play area, Lytham Close SE28 8QH

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Meet our Team

  • Andrew Wardell Run Leader

  • Caroline Wardell Social Events Organiser, Committee Member, Run Leader

  • Charlene Lawson Treasurer, Run Leader, Membership Secretary, Coach in Running Fitness, Run Leader Mentor, DBS Verifier, Group Leader, Club Chair

  • Cherie Barnett Social Events Organiser, Committee Member

  • David Barnett Run Leader, Social Media & Website Manager, Welfare Officer, Committee Member, IT Officer

  • Debbie Marsh Committee Member, Lead Welfare Officer, Run Leader

  • George Wilson Run Leader, Committee Member

  • Jennifer Hien Run Leader, Club Secretary, Committee Member

  • Liz Faulkner Committee Member, Social Events Organiser

  • Lola James Social Events Organiser, Run Leader, Committee Member, Treasurer

  • Louise James Run Leader

  • Peter O'Flaherty Run Leader

  • Sarah Mctigue Club Merchandise Facilitator, Health & Safety Officer, Membership Secretary, Committee Member, DBS Verifier, Welfare Officer

  • Yat Cheng Committee Member, IT Officer