Mark Jeffery

I started running again in Nov 2017 after I was invited to run a trail marathon over the brecon beacons with my best friend for his birthday. No easy 1st marathon then. I was surprised when I started enjoying my training and looked forward to my next run. Then I started taking part in Parkrun and half marathon events and have gained many friends and I can honestly say I've never met a runner who hasn't shared the same positive attitude towards other runners, some more than others and it's people like this who inspire me. I had an idea to create a running group so I could help encourage other people to run in a safe environment and that's where I became aware of run together and decided to complete my LIRF (leadership in running fitness) course. I will be starting sessions as soon as my injury is healed and hoping that my enthusiasm can help other people achieve their goals and one day I can be an inspiration to them

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