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Have you always wanted to be able to run - just a little?  

Every one of us runners started somewhere.  We were all beginner runners once!

And we've all had those little voices in our head telling us not to run.

But running together makes it so much easier.   

Our Beach to 5k group is based on the NHS Couch to 5k but spread out over 12 weeks instead of the usual 9.

As an experienced runner of over 30 years , a fully qualified England Athletics Run Leader and Mental Health Champion, my aim is to support you to feel fit, healthy and happy.  And we share lots of tips to help you get the most from your running.

Through my previous Beach & Couch to 5k run groups, I have successfully helped many lovely people reach their 5k goals.

So, what are you waiting for?

Our fun, friendly and supportive group is here to help you take those first few steps.  Help you to gently build the parts of you designed to run.  

We'll have some laughs along the way, at your pace.  And, who knows, you may even get to do a parkrun one day!

The hardest part is getting your gear on and showing up.  

So, join us for our seafront saunters.   

At only £15 for a 12 week course - it's a real bargain!

++++Places are limited to 12 participants++++

We look forward to seeing you.

Take care,


Run & Group Leader








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Sarah Herfet - Group Leader

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  • Sarah Herfet Group Leader, Mental Health Champion, Run Leader

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Cobb Gate Car Park, Marine Parade, Lyme Regis, DT7 3QD