Welcome to our running group

Next run: Wednesday 17 April 2024

About our group

The Beacon Burners is a friendly, social running group in St Agnes, Cornwall. To meet other local runners and organise social runs, please visit our Facebook page.

Currently, we have term time Wednesday night hill reps, Friday morning Pilates for runners and social run, and we will start another couch to 5k group as soon as there is demand - please register your interest if you'd like to join.

The couch to 5k is a 9-week run-walk programme. It involves 3 half-hour sessions per week, starting with just 8 x 1 minute running with 90 seconds walking, and progressing over 9 weeks to reach 30 minutes continuous running. We will run as a group for one session per week, and you will need to find time to do the other two sessions each week in your own time.  Download the 'NHS couch to 5k' app to guide you when running on your own. 

Some regular strength work is essential to help keep running injuries away. The Pilates class focuses on key areas to mobilise, strengthen and help improve your running. l am a Chartered Physiotherapist and fully insured England Athletics Run Leader.  I believe little and often is key, and so if you'd like to check out any of my other Pilates classes please visit https://www.ajsportsphysiopilates.co.uk

Meet our Team

Our locations


Meet outside St Agnes library

Meet by Beaconsfield playground (W Kitty - below the school)

Meet at the Miner's and Mechanics Institute (ground floor)

Meet at the gate to Goonown Playing Fields

Goonown Goonbell junction

Opposite the Spar (Vicarage Rd)