Location & Preparation



We meet in the Picnic area of “The Lookout” (RG12 7QW) just off Nine Mile Ride at 09:30 Sunday morning and 18:00 Friday evening. There is ample parking on site at a cost of £2.00.


During the run you will be running over uneven, undulating and possibly wet terrain, you should therefore arrive suitably equipped for these conditions.We recommend Trail Running Shoes, and suitable layers of moisture wicking running clothes, applicable to the weather conditions.We also recommend that you carry a light foldable windproof jacket as added protection should the weather conditions suddenly change, or should you need to stop as a result of injury etc.

During Night Runs from October to March please ensure you have a fully charged head torch of 200 lumens or more, and suitable warm clothing with reflective detail. 


You will be running for 30-60 minutes and will undoubtedly sweat during that time so careful consideration of your hydration is a must. It is recommended you arrive suitably hydrated and bring additional hydration on runs over 5 km particularly in warmer weather.


Before starting any physical exercise is is vital to warm up your muscles and cardio vascular system in readiness. Wikihow has a some great advice on how to do so. We expect all runners to ensure they are ready warmed up for the run. Wikihow Warmup for running


We normally have a post run Coffee at the Cafe in Swinley Forest on Sunday mornings, and many runners often make the short journey to the Golden Retriever Pub after our evening runs.

Running Calendar: https://groups.runtogether.co.uk/BerkshireTrailRunners/Runs

Berkshire Trail Runners website:   http://www.berkshiretrailrunners.uk

​Berkshire Trail Runners Strava Club: https://www.strava.com/clubs/319788​​​