Parkrun Improvers (Bolton) Hill Endurance

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Meeting at the bottom of Cinder Hill - Leverhulme Park. These hill/endurance sessions are run on the park trails used at Bolton Parkrun. All sessions are adaptable to your fitness level and a great way to help you enjoy your Parkruns no matter what your current time/PB. Trail shoes are advised. The runs are held over 12 consecutive weeks and are booked via bank transfer - cost £10:00 for a block of 12 weekly sessions. Bank details and terms are included in the session confirmation details sent to your designated email address. It is well recognised that fitness improvements/adaptations require a minimum 6 - 8 week period as part of a planned exercise programme. Places are limited to 30 runners for this session. Booking all 12 sessions via RunTogether is advised.

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19:00 26/06/24 Wednesday 26 June
Bottom of Cinder Hill in the Park

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  1. Wednesday
  2. 07:00PM
  3. 5-10K
  4. Unisex
  5. All Levels

Where we meet

Bottom of Cinder Hill in the Park

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